I am currently working on a book on women's voices in contemporary screen media. Below, I outline my research to date on the topic. Overall, the book seeks to examine the relationship between women’s screened voices and lingering traces of these voices in popular culture— including in digital media, podcasts and subsequent cinema and television. I will pioneer a transmedial approach for analyzing women’s voices in audio-visual media. As I will demonstrate, the ubiquity of screens has enabled verbal/vocal echoes to travel from one screen medium to another. With a focus on English-language and predominantly US media, I will argue that the contemporary media landscape provides new ways to amplify those voices, but also new ways to police and silence them.

At the same time, I am interested in revisiting and revising, earlier critical accounts of women's voices in cinema. In 2018 I received a Carnegie Trust Research Incentive Grant to travel to the Margaret Herrick Library in Los Angeles to conduct research on ‘Shaping Women’s Screen Voices’. The archival project will explore the relationship between gender, vocal performance and film production practices by identifying historical trends in the way the voices of female performers have been shaped before, and during, a film’s shooting.


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Curator of In Media Res theme week on 'Women’s Politicized Screen Voices', September 24th-28th, 2018.

Co-editor with Tessa Dwyer (Monash University) of “Re-Voicing the Screen”, an “In Focus” dossier for Cinema Journal (soon to be Journal of Cinema and Media Studies), Issue 59.4, Summer 2020 (in progress).


‘Women’s Voices in Digital Media,’ Gender-Thing research and practice symposium Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh, May 9 2018. 

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‘Meme girls vs. Trump: digitally recycled screen dialogue as political discourse’, Screen conference, University of Glasgow, 29 June-1st July 2018.

'Speaking Across Screens: Cyberfeminism and the Digital Recycling of Women’s Voices' (SCMS, Chicago, March 2017)

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Programming manager for the third annual Feminist Film Festival Dublin on 'Othered Voices: The Female Voice on Screen', The New Theatre, Dublin, November 2016. Delivered a public talk on 'Screening Women's Voices'.

‘Watch Her Tongue: An Introduction to Female Film Dialogue’, delivered as part of International Women’s Week, Trinity College Dublin, March 2014.


* Thumbnail image: Karina Longworth, host of the podcast, You Must Remember This (source)